Six Hour Wormhole Camp Finally Pays Off


Traun System—After spending the better part of his Sunday camping a high security wormhole connection, a member of WiNGSPAN Delivery Services finally got the kill he was waiting for. “There were a couple times when I doubted my strategy, but I kept my focus and my patience was rewarded. I knew I would get someone eventually,” the player, who wished to remain anonymous was heard quoting, “Once I heard the hole activation, I waited a full minute until his cloak timer wore off; then I was able to slowboat towards him without him warping off, point him and kill him with drones.”

The victim—who did not comment—was apparently flying an exploration-fit Stabber with both rail and projectile weapons, along with a puzzling full complement of cargo expanders in the low slots. While the player was able to celebrate his kill, he did have some regrets. “I was definitely feeling the high of a successful hunt, but once I saw the killmail come through, I immediately jumped into high sec and warped off. I left my Federation Navy Ogres behind and pretty sure I forgot to pod him. Although maybe I did? I’m not sure, I’ll have to check.”

EVE Onion news was able to see the killmail and verify that the pilot’s claims were indeed correct, and the kill was valued at just under 14 million ISK. The anonymous pilot did also confirm that during his hunt, he witnessed a fleet of Enyos from Mouth Trumpet, two Asteros from Of Sound Mind, and a singular Hurricane Fleet Issue belonging to Hard Knocks come through but avoided being detected.