Experts Believe Every Contract in Jita Will be a Scam by YC 133


Jita IV, Moon IV, Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Apparently, the art of the scam is alive and well in Jita, and is thriving. It is expected to completely overwhelm the region in the upcoming years. A team of economists, scientists, and industrial experts calling themselves the World Trade Federation recently convened, announcing some startling findings.

According to Dave Johnson, Head of the WTF, the amount of fraudulent trade contracts produced in and around The Forge region are beginning to exceed the amount of legitimate contracts issued. He warns that if this trend continues, in less than twenty years there will be no legitimate contracts remaining.

Phil Erikson, speaking on behalf of the Sisters of Eve, raises an equally important, albeit completely different concern: Due to rapid increases in contract creation, the central processing systems within The Forge are being overwhelmed with data flow. If the projected contract traffic remains the same, or increases, a total system failure may be imminent. He admits the hardware used to filter and sort contracts are dated, and lack the computational power necessary to handle such a workload.

Erikson wasn’t supposed to speak on the subject of the dated hardware used, but now that the topic was out there, the attending press had many burning questions to ask. One that was answered was “Is our contract data secure? What if this hardware failure occurs, will we lose our investments?”  The WTF representatives all seemed to agree that our information would be secure, as it is slowly being backed up, however they cannot promise a 100% retain. This received many murmurs and concerned looks from those attending.

After a brief recess, the meeting resumed, this time focusing on the impact this trend would have on the market. “Invest in local retailers, do not do any trading via contract or third parties,” advises Clark Douglas, CEO of Vital Veldspar, a local mining supply company. “The way things look, contracts will soon become completely volatile and unreliable. If it looks too good to be true, it is.” When questioned on whether or not he advised investing in local business because he owned one, Mr Douglas kindly told the reporter to, “Get the hell out of here!”

While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I, as an ever vigilant reporter of the Eve Onion, must bring this to you, fellow Capsuleers. It is a shame this wholesome, trustworthy world is taking such a dark spiral. Why, I remember when you didn’t even have to view the contents of a contract, and could just buy it outright, and know what you’ll receive in return. You could keep your ship parked with the keys in it and it wouldn’t get lifted, either. Those were the days.