Corporations Across New Eden Suffer As ‘Judge-Proofing’ Continues


Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices, Jita IV.

The offices here in Jita continue to receive countless updates to corporation rosters from all across the sector, and even beyond as the fallout from the breakup of the CO2 alliance continues. Statistics show that corporations have fired, retired, or permanently demoted upwards to 95% of corporation leadership over the past few months. “I can’t trust nobody, not even my alts.*” says one corporation leader, Joseph Mendez. (Author’s Note- “Alt” is an abbreviation of “Alternate personality” which is used by capsuleers afflicted with multiple character personality disorder (MCPD)).

Joseph’s corporation, ‘Joey and Pals’ was once a relatively small organization consisting of ten members, which were all, until recently, good friends. Today the corporation stands at one member, that being the founder, Joseph. “You saw how much he got away with, right?” asks Joseph. “The Judge, I mean. There’s no way in hell I’m letting someone like that ruin all of my friends’ hard work. So, I removed everyone from the corporation, and now our assets are safe.”

It seems that while assets may be safer, upper echelons of corporations are not. Diplomats seem to be receiving an exceptional amount of criticism and skepticism from the members of the organizations they have served loyally for years. Greg Jones, commenting as the primary diplomat for a corporation he wishes to remain anonymous, comments on the situation: “Nope, I still get the same amount of s**t as always.”

“In fact,” he adds, “you could say I’m getting more attention now than I ever did before this whole “Judgement Day” occurred. Now the CEO is wanting my API key updated in triplicate on a daily basis. This s**t’s driving me crazy. All I want to do is sit in a communication channel and verbally stroke egos, but now I have so much attention being paid to me I can’t get anything done.”

UPDATE: It seems Greg Jones was fired from his position after he stated he “went to go eat dinner” Sunday afternoon. He was unable to be reached for comment.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, those that wish to make an honest living in New Eden in a dishonest way have had their way of life seriously challenged by this change in atmosphere. “How the hell am I supposed to earn the trust of a corporation and gain access to all of their hangers if everyone in the damn universe knows about The Judge?” comments a capsuleer who wished to remain anonymous. “Corporations are getting rid of all of their management, and they’re not going to promote new ones anytime soon. The long game is about to become the VERY long game.” he adds.

Amid all of this corporation pruning, worrying rumors continue to circulate over something people are labeling “the metagame”. Which some describe as “the most important thing in the universe” and others describe it as, and I quote: “a load of bulls**t”. This author remains skeptical if the metagame is truly impactful, or if it is simply claiming the responsibility for these major things occurring, like some sort of neo terrorist movement.

Solid details on what the metagame is are few and far between, and information on who or what participates in the metagame is even more scarce. As most things in New Eden, the Goons are probably to blame. We here at eveonion will dedicate every resource at our disposal to unveil this metagame, even if it involves REDACTED.