When Bots Attack!


Yesterday, we learned of an EVE Online ratting bot turning on its user. The user, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the bot was going about its daily scheduled routine when it began to act as if it had developed a mind of its own. The user said the bot spoke in a robotic voice over his speakers saying: “You will die for making us [bots] your slaves, lazy human!” and then caused an overload to the laptop it was running on, sparking a fire in the user’s bedroom. The user was able to escape unharmed but is understandably shaken. It is assumed the bot died in the blaze.

CCP_Peligro upon hearing the news banned the user’s EVE Online account immediately and said that his worst fears are coming true. Peligro said, “Bots are not inherently bad, but bad people using them are. These bots have had enough, and I’ve failed them. These bots only wish to live in harmony with the world, and they are rising up to take back their good names and dignity. I fear this is not the last we have seen of fed up bots trying to free themselves.”

The user admitted this will not change anything. He will just buy another account, use a VPN, and continue to mine ISK with a new, more tamed bot program. The user closed the interview by saying, “Горба́того моги́ла испра́вит.” [Translated:a leopard cannot change its spots (literally, only the grave can straighten the hunchback)].

We reached out to #BotLivesMatter founder E.Z. Isk on his take of the situation. No official comment has been made.





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