Static Talk Launches to Rave Reviews


Your humble correspondent, as member of a trash tier “not quite wormhole” corporation, is pleased to see Foedus Latro of HK and “Tiny” Tim Nering of MTC launch a new “Wormhole Podcast about happenings and stuff”—Static Talk

Like most things that happen in wormholes, there is a good deal of waiting about and dead time, weird environmental effects, plenty of meme’ing, and some great content.

In a clear effort to meme on their new show name, Tiny and Foedus come to us from a pulsar, where environmental effects produce audio that is pseudo-randomly crystal clear and completely crap static. Was the name decided upon after the first recording was complete and edited in post production? Wait. There clearly was no post production, or there wouldn’t be 30 seconds of dead air in the middle of the first hour. Strange things happen in wormholes…

Some of the highlights:

* Tiny gets things off to a cock-eyed start as he spends some time beating about the bush, then sharing his excitement about “shooting his gun” in a hole and making a big goo explosion.

* Tiny says content is so bad in wormholes that he’s excited to mine.

* Tiny refers to MTC members as his ant farm. He enjoys looking down on them from his exalted position as CEO as they scurry about on various missions. For Tiny, this is a first-class city builder.

* Foedus says bombs are worthless after the recently announced changes to void bombs, and discusses the role of Purifiers without void bombs. Jita crashes. Sell! Sell! Sell! Bomber’s Bar disbands. Olmeca Gold gloats. Chance Ravinne is speechless, and cancels his Monday stream.

* Foedus and Tiny spend 20 minutes talking about the nullsec meta; a topic upon which they are eminently qualified to opine, I think.

* Tiny says the really, really, really important thing is…wait…nevermind.

* Tiny admits he’s an idiot. Foedus agrees.

* Foedus admits he is an elitist, and likes changes such as the recently-announced Assault Damage Control that he perceives to benefit only elite players. The ability to use these modules effectively will become a key determinant of whether capsuleers are encouraged to join HK, or assigned to one of their soon-to-be announced renter corps.

* Tiny likes to fly T1 haulers.

* Foedus and Tiny think empty wormholes are a quality of life improvement. They are looking forward to the new structure timers so they can evict all non rent-payers and emulate the Lazerhawks renter empire.

* Tiny says evictions are doing a favor to the leaders of wormhole alliances. They had it coming. They secretly wanted it. Just let it happen.

* After a great deal of ranting about bad CEOs, with a focus on REDACTED, CEO of REDACTED, Foedus and Tiny sum it all up with a poignant message to capsuleers everywhere: “Learn better—don’t get screwed by your corp.” Some discussion follows evaluating the merits of waterboarding line members to help them understand that their corp is “bad.”

* The show proceeds to nerding on battle reports, in which Foedus flexed his e-peen. Foedus’s significant other is reportedly bent out of shape, as the e-peen flexing resulted in significant bruising. Tiny follows up with a comment that he couldn’t get anyone to come at first, but now he can’t make his members stop coming.

* In a rousing conclusion, Tiny re-launches an old infomercial for his corp: Clueless to Competent in Two Weeks! Send 2B ISK to Tim Nering, sitting on the Jita undock, and you, too, can be a meme master of the universe!

* Foedus finally grows tired of Tiny’s incessant babble, and forces Tiny to come to a conclusion after his long shoutout to Wormbro for losing to him. Foedus then offers a shoutout to Bonya Boga and Longinius Spear for their “Down the Pipe” podcast (o7 from your correspondent also] for doing something he can rip off.

All in all, let’s not give these guys too much “static”. Their show is an interesting, informative, and entertaining addition to the podcast scene, and well worth the 1:43 listening time. Check it out, and let them know we sent you!