SOE Develops PLEX-Ancillary Dilation Reduction Technology


An EVE Onion investigator embedded with the Servant Sisters of EVE, and reporting from deep in wormhole space via transmissions smuggled in SoE shipments out to Osmon, reports that the SoE recently discovered yet another time manipulation technology, and is well-along in development of devices derived from this sleeper technology. A researcher with the Sisters of EVE, speaking on condition of anonymity said, “I am very excited that we can reduce the effect of time dilation on our rescue and humanitarian efforts, and that this technology may provide additional clues to the very origins of our arrival to the New Eden cluster.”

The first technology likely to reach production consists of a slot 11 implant designed to reduce the effects of Time Dilation by 3%. This technological innovation is anticipated to lead towards additional time-manipulation functions, including implants to improve target navigation, to allow miners to accurately predict when an ore or gas source will deplete, and to predict not only CSM election results, but also advance notice of upcoming technology advances across the New Eden cluster.

This is not the first time EVE Onion has uncovered time manipulation technology (see previous report), but this particular technology has some unique properties. The 11th implant slot location requires an external fuel source, introducing  new cybernetic and infomorphic challenges. A smuggled blueprint prototype indicates the proprietary power source used in CONCORD’s PLEX cryptocurrency chips may be integrated to power the implant. In the interest of reducing research and development costs, the SoE are rumored to be in negotiations with CONCORD to integrate with the PLEX power source by simply inserting a PLEX directly into the implant. This burns out the PLEX after a few hours of use, or when docking in or tethering to a structure. A source within CONCORD confirms they are partnering with the Sisters of EVE to bring this new implant to market under the moniker “PLEX-Ancillary Dilation Reduction Technology” (PAyDiRT).

A follow-up investigation into the CONCORD-Goonswarm time-manipulation technology recently uncovered also revealed that the Goonswarm Technology and Formulas Office (GTFO) is furthermore investigating the possibility of equipping Upwell structures with a variant of this technology. The legal division of the Goonswarm Federation management team has already registered a new technology for a structure-scale device, which would “selectively reinforce the node,” providing Time Dilation reduction effects for all pilots in possession of a current docking permission access code for a structure within range, and equipped with the Reinforcement PAyDiRT (RMT PAyDiRT) module. One fleet commander—excited by the prospect—proclaimed: “This technology provides the opportunity to apply unassailable wealth more directly and effectively to the problem of ‘Winning the ISK War.’”

What will come of this unusual alliance between The Imperium, Servant Sisters of EVE, and CONCORD? Only time will tell.


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