From CCP’s website

We’re happy to announce that the Yoiul Festival has begun! Available immediately for all capsuleers, Yoiul Festival gifts are raining down from the heavens. Naughty or nice, the Caldari State will happily distribute the gifts based on your economic standing within the region.

Lucky for you, we’re having a sale on items that have never been available at full price. Not only can you grab a huge 20% off on the slightly obscure, tactical, and strategic SOE bundles, but there is a massive 40% off on everything else. Isn’t it amazing that we can call something a sale when it’s never actually had a price before? In EVE, the possibilities truly are endless!

We here at CCP sell these gifts at a loss to better serve our passionate EVE community. We look forward to selling you gifts for years to come and for our 15th anniversary, we will fully cover the transfer fees and various taxes associated with using SKINs!

Players can look forward to engaging in social activities involving the legal (and perhaps not so legal) exchange of gifts among themselves to really get into the holiday spirit.

Fly safe, shop smart, and have a joyous Yoiul Festival! o7