RMT Scammer Rushlock Scams Newbros and Bittervets with EVE 2 Beta Keys


EVE stream mogul Rushlock launched a new program on his 2 November stream: He and Frank the Bank will begin selling EVE 2 Beta keys in Jita. “Frank will never have to go back to Provi,” Rushlock gloated, “and I’ll never undock my smartbombing Machariel battleship again!” The nefarious plan includes a three tier “Pay to Win” model, with in-game rewards tied to Twitch subscription types. A Founders pack, available to subscribers only, guarantees awesomeness.

“EVE 2: Rush to Second Genesis” is alleged to consist entirely of microtransactions, with Electronic Arts executives driving the business model and launch timing. Ship attributes are already stealth-linked to skins, but the new expansion should make these more transparent, and available only via microtransactions. Skills will also reportedly transition from no longer accessible to players via training, to instead delivered only via pre-loaded skill injectors, also available from the in-game store starting at € .99.

Rushlock offered EVE 2 Beta keys to his stream subscribers first, but promised that Frank will begin selling the keys in Jita, now that Frank has settled in after moving to his new Asian-themed palatial estate; rumored to be funded entirely by RMT.

Rushlock’s viewership is primarily newbros; he answers questions Mon-Fri, 10:00 til 16:00 EVE Time. Since newbros have notoriously limited resources, expanding the scam to Jita will ensure Rushlock gains access to ISK from the deep pockets of bittervets as they drunk-troll Jita and accept amusing scam contracts. Given the fact there is no EVE 2, and Rushlock does not, in fact, have an RMT operation, the entire scheme is all the more brilliant.

“ISK is easy,” Rushlock said, before spending nearly 10 minutes of his stream counting up the transactions and microtransactions in his wallet, then giving away a small skill injector in an obvious RMT. “EVE is a trap,” he smirked, “the whole game’s a trap!”