Today marks a turning point for the empires. A much more valuable ore was discovered on the planet Pandora V: Unobtainium.

For over a decade, all space-faring races have had to resort to transparent aluminium for the windows and view screens of their vessels. This is no longer the case, as Unobtainium in its rawest form not only has ten times the durability, but a much cleaner, neater tint. Imagine this: Pilots may soon be visible inside their pod or even in their ships. You’ll soon be able to see within your stations and watch the meager civilians of the galaxy scurry about, or amuse themselves by staring out the windows watching others ganking each other in Jita.

When faced with the news that CCP would actually have to design and re-model ships around this new discovery, it was quietly announced that Unobtainium would have to go through “a few balance passes for review”, and most likely would result in nothing being changed at all.

Until CCP decides how to handle the revolutionary discovery, the planet and its system are in good hands and under careful 24/7 policing by the Goonswarm Federation, which has promised—after forcefully relocating the locals with clever use of duplicate avatars and a massive fleet presence—to let no one near.

Resource Wars launches October 26 launched regardless of the value of the ore, though rumor has it the materials collected by these operations won’t be of any use at all to players now that Unobtainium is available, or perhaps unavailable.