Pilot Running For CSM Revealed to be a Bot


Troubling news from CCP today, as we learned someone that was running for a position in the CSM was ousted to be a very well scripted bot in the guise of a player. The player/bot, whose name will remain anonymous until a full investigation can be launched, seemed to be in a good position to win the coveted seat.

Making the rounds in New Eden, the bot gave several rousing speeches to any that would listen to him, and made many friends across the galaxy from all walks of life. From the most docile station trader to the most violent pirate corporations, all pledged their support. “He was the perfect choice for the CSM, or so I thought” said someone, still unsure if these bot allegations were true.

The one thing that managed to give him away? An error in his coding; or perhaps a bug? Maybe the actions of a diligent hacker. As he was giving a speech, he was quoted: “I vow to remove citadels from the game” over 100 times.  Most people listening in to the speech thought it was just for effect, and cheered and applauded. However, after the 100 mark, people began to be skeptical as to what it was he was doing.  Someone walked up on stage to ask him if he was all right, which then revealed it was a bot in disguise, caught in an audio loop.

Needless to say, this has several other members of the CSM under the microscope, as people are beginning to scrutinize their every action, seeing if they’re human or not. The CSM has made some less than stellar decisions in the past, so it may be possible they have been infiltrated by automaton(s). We here at the Eve Onion promise to remain diligent and help oust any such foul play in the future.