New Eden Book Reviews: Gallente Citizen 1945546690: An Autobiography


Welcome back to the New Eden Book Club Reviews series. Today we’ll be covering quite the story. It is a tale of none other than the universe-famous Gallente Citizen 1945546690. It is a tale of sorrow, and of joy. Bravery in the face of danger, and the overwhelming sense of dread that comes with the life of a Capsuleer. At well over 1,337 pages long, the author is very complete in being as transparent and detail-oriented as possible. The book has won various prizes so far, including the “TL;DR” award for its depth.

As with most good autobiographies, this one starts in his early childhood days, detailing various events that inspired the author to become the person they are today. What truly surprised me is the name “Gallente Citizen 1945546690” is actually a pseudonym, one that he had taken on when his family immigrated to Gallente space many years ago. The author reveals his true name, but I’ll leave that for you to discover within the book itself.

Moving on from childhood, the author dove straight into the complicated adolescence period of his life, describing his first job, first vehicle, and first love with great attention to detail. Including those awkward teen-aged feelings when your crush gets kidnapped by Blood Raiders and sold into slavery. In a truly heart-touching moment, the author copied word for word a poem he had penned at age fifteen for the kidnapped girl. You even see the tear stains on the paper. For those of us who have lost loved ones to the Blood Raiders, it hits very close to home, and is a very emotional moment in the book.

Finally around chapter twenty-seven, we reach the meat and potatoes of this tome: The author’s recount of the beginning of his Capsuleer career. Everything from the fitting of his first ship to the first scam he fell for in Jita. (It was a Gecko contract scam.) Also, all the glorious achievements he achieved fighting alongside the Gallente Navy in defeating a Sleeper den and saving the galaxy. Included in this section is the scandal surrounding this individual claiming he was an “awoxing alt” of Goonswarm Federation. As we all know, this was based on the five paragraph Reddit post he created—based on the number of upvotes it received—which all agreed cleared him of any guilt whatsoever.

In conclusion, Gallente Citizen 1945546690: An Autobiography is a wonderful read for both the average Joe and the aspiring Capsuleer alike. It is a story almost too fantastical to be real, but is all based on the very true story of a very real person. The book goes on sale later this week, and can be picked up at any major trade hub. While the book is very wordy at times, for a story this amazing it has to be. A minor flaw, if any, on an otherwise amazing experience. My final score is 4.5 out of 5 stars; it will surely be a masterpiece that all aspiring authors will turn to reference for their own autobiographies.