House of Asterion Celebrates Successful Op


J150625 – C4 Space

The scene around Asterion’s Pleasure Hub was all hugs and smiles last week as House of Asterion—a Wormhole corporation that focuses on PvP content—celebrated yet another successful operation. Eve Onion News received a tip on the merriment, and immediately reached out to CEO Meneer Wolf for comment:

“We had mapped out a secure highsec chain about 7 jumps from Hek. I immediately pinged for a highsec roam gang.” Meneer continued, “We had 24 pilots logged in, all piloting Confessors with some Caldari Navy Hookbills and Deacons in support. Overall, things were shaping up nicely.”

Then, Meneer explained, disaster struck, “We had undocked and were two jumps from our highsec exit, when one of our members spotted a POS Party scout in system. Per our protocol, we immediately sent out another ping, and in two minutes, we were able to get all of our members safely logged off without detection.”

Eve Onion reached out to POS Party for their take on the story and was able to interview one of their scouts, Kendrid Spirit. “We were scouting out our chain, looking for a brawl,” Kendrid states, “I assumed we would get one too; small ship fights can be super fun and we love PvP.” Eve Onion pushed Kendrid for more answers. “Say what you will about House of Asterion, no one logs off like they do. I counted almost 30 members online and within, I don’t know maybe two minutes, everyone was gone. They had three people all convo’ing me telling me they were going to bed or just doing PI. I was still scanning down the chain.”

When asked if she had pinged to muster her corp, she replied, “No. I mean, I knew they were going to log, so why bother?” She continued, “I was able to find a couple of dreads ratting a few systems over, so we eventually found our content.”

Eve Onion was able to determine that of the 24 House of Asterion members, only two had made it back to HoA’s home hole, with the rest getting into high sec or safe logging in some random C2 w/HS static. “I could not be more proud of this corp.” Meneer said, “It just goes to show you that practice makes perfect, and when you take this as seriously as we do, you can rise to any challenge.”