Following hot on the trail of “World of Warcraft: Classic” and its big announcement, CCP appears to be following suite with a big reveal of their own.

Simply called “Eve Online: Classic”, it features “gameplay enhancements” such as minefields and the inability to warp to stargates and stations directly. The internal build lists tag lines such as “One universe, one massive community”; “Solo and large scale epic combat”; “Advanced player-driven economy”, and “Unique real-time skill advancement” though just what is included in the live launch is yet to be seen.

Various podcasts and even Reddit discussions lit up in the wake of the leak with the majority of players vocally decrying the efforts of CCP, some going as far as to say that investors will “never back” such an “inane concept” for an MMO.

Eve Online: Classic is expected to share the same persistent server as Eve Online, though many players suspect that this may cause population imbalance issues. Some players have pointed out that CCP will have to make “ancient, boxy” versions of newer ship. Fortunately, a “Corax: Classic” was found buried in the leaked files, hinting that CCP has been doing something since Vegas.

CCP has yet to answer any questions regarding the leaked build or even the Classic product which, admittedly, isn’t even officially announced yet but looks to be on-course with internal development.

This reporter would have given the leaked build a try, though finding a CRT monitor capable of 800×600 in this day and age is nigh impossible. The rise of retro gaming gear and throwbacks to the 90’s like “Virtual Reality Goggles” may alleviate this issue, but that is yet to be seen.

Eve Online: Classic is expected to launch in early 2023 for the “20th anniversary” of the franchise.