In a not so stunning boast from the heart of Iceland, CCP announced today that their new release simply titled “EVE ONLINE MOBILE” is comparable to one of the most notoriously difficult games of all time. “It will take you months of learning. Just like Dark Souls,” CCP went on to say in a prepared statement Monday. An out-of-context quote of this went viral on Reddit.

Citing things such as clone states and wildly inaccurate spreadsheets to cover guild-wide money laundering schemes that count as deep and engaging gameplay, players are expected to be able to relate to EVE ONLINE MOBILE with Dark Souls more than EVE Online itself. Minigames such as “Recording goon ventrilo” and “Spending weeks trying to learn interceptors so you can avoid that gate camp” were used as examples. At one point, CCP went on to say that “learning how to mine in Lowsec” was “just like [learning how to do the] Undead Burg (level).”

Nullsec PVP was compared to “That big hydra that whoops [your] ass if you go down the elevator at the start”, and reminded new players to “stay in Highsec, just like regular Eve Online.”

It is clear that CCP intends to strike hard and fast at the growing Mobile Games market and their youth oriented demographics. Using such colourful terminology might just drive sales for this coming quarter, but these tactics seem fairly desperate for a company that has only one successful product out of dozens.

CCP later stated on Twitter: “If it wasn’t obscenely hard, it wouldn’t be EVE ONLINE.”




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