CSM Member Jin’taan Jumps The Shark!


CSM Member Jin’taan, of CVA, notable for colorful attire, in-depth theorycrafting, and political science thought leadership articles, and for a CSM candidacy and tenure marked by transparency and communication, including commentary on the CSM Summit and meeting minutes, has clearly jumped the shark!

Jin’taan recently gave some hints of poor judgment or potentially slipping sanity in a harsh and biased attack against the Minmatar Republic, in which he presents the very roots of Minmatar culture as not simply brutal, but cruel and depraved. Jin’taan promised an exposé on why ALL the races suck, but…it’s been nearly two months, leaving many forced to assume that the “first of four” articles was simply a hit piece demonstrating Jin’taan’s embrace of the bigotry so prevalent in the Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA). Of Gallente heritage himself, Jin’taan appears to have embraced CVA’s Amarrian bigotry, particularly against the people and culture of his hereditary allies—the Minmatar Republic and its tribes.

This bigotry, although out of step with the culture of today’s New Eden, pales in comparison to Jin’taan’s most recent misstep, however. In a stunning move, Jin’taan chose to align himself with with yet another deplorable group: Reddit’s /r/eve.

“I want to commend Reddit on being unusually polite and constructive around the Daily Alpha Skill Injectors – Lots of great feedback that I look forwards to presenting to CCP and hopefully fixing.”

Really? Reddit is “polite and constructive?” They provided “Lots of great feedback” that Jin’taan intends upon “presenting to CCP and hopefully fixing?” What a tragedy, that such a great mind has fallen first into bigotry, and now apparently into the very depths of depraved insanity.

Or, is it something more?

Reddit /r/eve moderator Chevis Preston’s plan to secure a seat upon the Council of Stellar Management after taking over as a moderator have already been uncovered by EVE Onion. Could Jin’taan’s public alignment with the Chevis-era /r/eve community indicate a new conspiracy in light of upcoming CSM 13 elections, anticipated to launch in February 2018, and concluding with results announced at EVE Fanfest in April 2018?

Could we see a “Jin’taan is Spethial” ticket, in which Jin’taan secures a place on /r/eve as he advances his quest to dominate EVE media, and Chevis Preston gains the influence he needs to implement every CCPls and screeeeeee!!! posted on /r/eve?

In reviewing the CSM 12 election results, a terrifying possibility emerges: Chevis has apparently already secured the backing of WiNGSPAN Delivery Services and its CEO, Chance Ravinne, a highly visible and controversial member of CSM 8. If Chevis has also persuaded Jin’taan of CSM 12 to back his suspected candidacy, he is likely to walk into a CSM seat virtually unopposed.

With Jin’taan driving the CVA’s 2000 votes as the shadow-leader of CVA, and Chance Ravinne bringing his own vote and that of his 310 alts, plus 200 fanboi accounts, Chevis would easily bring 2500 guaranteed votes to the election, even without accounting for those not directly under the thumb of his two patrons—but who might be persuaded by their voices within the EVE community. Assuming typical turnout for the election, this is more than enough to guarantee his election.

You heard it here first! Watch out New Eden, /r/eve is about to take over the CSM, and all of New Eden with it!