In a stunning turn of events, /r/eve’s premier commentator, Chevis Preston, has not only become a moderator, but has announced his candidacy for CSM. “I intend to bring the CSM to a new level of transparency and integrity,” Chevis announced. “I have a plan though, to rise above the rest next year. I swore to it that I would win, but, since then, I have refined my goal… I don’t want to win, I want to hit new heights.” (reference)

In addition to humanitarian missions to impoverished regions, Chevis has also been known to gift a “Good Posting Guide” to needy capsuleers. “EVE Online is all about the community, and high quality social media posts are the lynch pin of that community,” Chevis opined, “without quality posts, we have no memes to become dreams, and that’s not good enough.”

EVE luminary Gorski Carr gave his seal of approval to Chevis’s early announcement, declaring “You have a new mission!” Chance Ravinne and his 31 alts are rumored to be in conversation with Chevis about taking on WINGSPAN Delivery Services as a corporate sponsor of his candidacy, and early indications (including Chevis saying nice things on a /u/wingspantt thread) are that these negotiations are progressing well. Chevis has taken a conciliatory approach with other critics, offering clarifying comments, and even going so far as to offer apologies for misunderstandings or perceived bias.