CCP to Release Their First Mobile Title


Coming next spring, Capsuleers on-the-go can engage in the exciting world of EVE Online from their favorite mobile device. In a bold move, CCP is announcing a brand new platform for their flagship title, that in the past was primarily aimed at the PC gaming crowd.

“It’s a new era out there,” CCP Falcon said in today’s press release. “We can’t survive as a company by catering to the original fans, we need a new generation of gamers to bite the hook of EVE Online.” The title of this cutting-edge smartphone app is reported to be “Nullsec Strike”. Players will have the option to mine for valuable ores in a game mode suspiciously similar to “Candy Crush Saga”. By lining up three or more minerals, you can collect a maximum cargo hold allotment for the day, before your ship has to travel back home to drop it off.

For a small micro-transaction fee of $.99 USD, players can ask for assistance from a friendly hauling ship to carry their ore back to base while they continue swiping through belts of asteroids. CCP Phantom mentioned that some mobile pilots would be able to unlock “ganking ships”, which can hunt down and destroy players who are happy to only play the mining puzzle game. Several optional combat modules are available to upgrade the ganking ship, for only $2.99 USD apiece.

A trusted source informs us that plans are underway to let players organize into “fleets”, where they can support each other’s efforts either in gathering minerals, or in ganking the miners. CCP is aware that the mobile platform market has many casual gamers, who may be frustrated at the concept of another player interrupting their experience, and so they will offer an optional “mining permit” for only $14.99 USD, which will offer immunity to ganks for at least one month.

Nullsec Strike will be available in the Google Play Store, and the iPhone App Store for download the first quarter of 2018. It is expected to cost approximately $24.99 USD, but can be downloaded to multiple phones per user.