CCP Announces “One Million Dollar” Citadel Changes


Terrific news from Iceland today as everyone’s favorite developer, CCP Games, has unveiled plans for a massive overhaul to Eve Online. Quoted by CCP Fozzie to be “The biggest thing since Eve Valkyrie!” While details are still coming in over this three-hundred page comprehensive patch list, I have tried to condense the most important points into something readable.

First and foremost, the changes in the armament mechanics of citadels. There was controversy when they announced citadels could be armed while in their setup process; this is no longer the case. Now all citadels must be managed by the “Nullsec Strike” app, which will finally release from beta the day of the patch. ( Quoting from the patch notes: “We feel that we had enough interest from the mobile sector to integrate our app into the main game itself.” The app will allow you to activate citadel modules, request fuel block deliveries, and you can even pay a small fee to extend your reinforcement timers.

Second on the docket: New modules being introduced to help balance citadels and the issues surrounding them. After much research, CCP has discovered that there are actually loss mails for Keepstar citadels that don’t involve being hauled by a freighter or having no fitting. “This is just…I know EVE always keeps you on your toes, but you never expect to find results like this” says CCP Fozzie on the subject. On that note, a new module: “Planetary Integrated Support Services of Ordinance From Far”. This high-slot module will allow a Keepstar controller to launch heavy ordinance from planets within the solar system. “You’d think an instant kill mechanic that can target anything on grid would be unfair, but thankfully this is slow moving, so only the largest of capital ships can be hit by it.”

Another module seems to be centered around discouraging the use of smaller citadels to “dig in” around a larger one. This module, “Bio-integrated Life Insurance Nexus Glider”, will add an exciting new set of rules to EVE Online. The module, when activated, will drain resistances, fuel, and power from nearby citadels that have a lower net worth than the activating citadel. An example given: “Say you have two empty, but powered on and fueled Fortizars nearby a Keepstar. The Keepstar (filled with precious assets) activates the module, suddenly the Fortizars are unpowered, unable to tether nearby friendly ships, and susceptible to damage.”

As someone that has no claim to sovereignty nor the funds to ever even dream of building a citadel, I have no doubt this update will go incredibly smoothly. And it seems CCP agrees: “Citadels are the present, and future” reads the closing lines of the update “whether you want them or not.”


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