Over a thousand completely scripted citizens of the sprawling universe Eve Online, migrated south this past weekend in search of better mining grounds. Partially blind, their owners hope that at least some will eventually land in the fertile realm of Delve. In recent months, Delve has become almost mythic in legend and tale – Ore and ice for as far as the scanner can see and plenty for everyone.

In small fleets and often by themselves, these bots face harsh obstacles along the way. Plundering pirates and idle gate camps slobber at the sight of these slow, sluggish herds slowly roaming to the promise land, only to get snapped up in the jaws of a predator so, so close.Even a simple bubble can completely dismantle potentially billions in ISK and thousands of man hours to design and guide the bot, some players going as far as to buy scripts with real money. All for nothing, should their migration fail.

But some of these bots will make it. Some will survive impossible odds. By sheer numbers, bots outweigh actual players ten to one in some northern sections and nothing succeeds like excess.

With these successful bots, new bots will be spawned. The raw materials obtained here will amount to trillions upon trillions of isk – more than enough to buy an entirely new fleet. These players will rebuild in the north and prepare for the next winter, when the new generation of bots will make their often tragic journey south.

And so the cycle continues.



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